Shaping Tomorrow's Treatments

A healthier Canada starts with you

Did you know that healthy people and people with medical conditions can help in the development of new treatments such as medications, surgical procedures and medical devices? By participating in a clinical trial (a type of clinical research) you may be able to help yourself, those you love, and even people you don’t know.


Help yourself

If you have a medical condition or chronic illness, you might consider a clinical trial to help you learn about your condition and try to improve your own health. If you’re a healthy person, being in a clinical trial might help people who are not as healthy as you and might provide you with a unique experience – one in which you learn something new about yourself.


Help someone you know and love

If someone you know or love lives with a medical condition or a chronic illness, chances are you would do anything you could to help them. Participating in a clinical trial could be one way to do this – your involvement may provide new information about your loved one’s medical condition or chronic illness and may even lead towards a new treatment or cure.


Help find new treatments

People of all ages and ethnicities can help researchers learn more about medical conditions and chronic illnesses with the hopes of one day finding new treatments. Being part of the development of new medications, surgical procedures or devices, or new ways to use existing treatments may help improve the lives of Canadians and others all over the world.

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