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Shaping Tomorrow's Treatments

Kids Place

What is Kids Place?

Clinical research helps us learn what makes us healthy, what keeps us from getting sick and what helps us get better when we do get sick. In the past, kids and teens have not participated a lot in clinical research. To help kids and their families learn about clinical research and decide whether it is the right choice for them, we developed materials as a way of starting the conversation.

What is Available with Kids Place


Watch The Participators, a video targeted for children and families learning more about participating in paediatric clinical research.

Activity Book

Download a fun activity book with information about paediatric clinical research. Created to support the Participators video.


Learn about the making of the Participators.


Find more research about clinical research.

The Participators

By Youth for Youth.

The Participators was designed by kids who have participated in research. In fact, all of the characters are real kids who have first-hand experience with participating in clinical research studies! Follow Hazel and Sam, as they meet Nate at a children’s research hospital and learn more about getting involved in research.

The concept, character design, storyboard and script was developed by Nate Hudson, his mom Antonia Palmer, Linda Warner, and Rich Murray, owner/animator of Rich Toons.

MICRYN and KidsCan/Youth Advisory also provided integral feedback on messaging and design.

Activity Book

Download the Activity Book by Clicking on the Images Below



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