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About N2 & this site


N2 is the organization that has created this website. N2 is short for the Network of Networks, and we are an independent, not for profit association of Canadian research networks and organizations working to advance Canada’s clinical research skills and capacity.  We bring together people who do clinical research and clinical trials so that they can share resources, best practices, and information. This helps our members be able to carry out high-quality research efficiently, makes sure they are up to date on and conduct good clinical practices and, really importantly, ensures accountability to the people who participate in their research as volunteers (that is, some of you!).

N2 has 87 member organizations and represents over 3000 clinical research professionals from more than 200 sites and many different types of disease research areas. Our member organizations include research networks, universities, hospitals, government entities and industry (like pharmaceutical and biotech companies).


Who helped us with this website

N2’s Clinical Trials Education and Awareness Committee took the N2 lead on the development of this website. The Committee also worked closely with patients and caregivers from start to finish on the website, to ensure that we were getting things right. We are grateful to the following patients and caregivers who provided their insights and helped us create this resource:

  • Mona Acker
  • Joanne Archer
  • Joyce Greene
  • Mary Manojlovich, Lay Representatives Committee of the National Cancer Institute of Canada Clinical Trials Group
  • Don & Rose Mohoruk, Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance
  • Antonia Palmer, Ac2orn (Advocacy for Canadian Childhood Oncology Research Network) & Neuroblastoma Canada
  • Zal Press, Patient Commando Productions
  • Patrick Sullivan, Ac2orn (Advocacy for Canadian Childhood Oncology Research Network) & Team Finn Foundation
  • Linda Wilhelm, Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance

We are grateful to Deedee and Kirby, Indira, and Maya, for bravely and generously sharing their own personal experiences of clinical trials.

We would like to thank the London Regional Cancer Program at London Health Sciences Centre for providing some of the pictures posted on this website and to the patient advisors for permitting their use.

We would like to thank The Ottawa Hospital for providing some of the pictures on this website.

We also wish to thank the Canadian Institutes for Health Research for awarding N2 a Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research Patient Engagement Collaboration Grant to help our work with these patients and caregivers and to enable our activities for this site.

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